Our company Ethics

It is our reference document, which conveys the way we work and the way we like to be viewed by our stakeholders – employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the community.

This Code of Ethics was created in 2020, allowing more direct address of the ethical issues that are very relevant today for Ocean Winds, and for its insertion in society in general, in such complex and demanding times.

The Code of Ethics must always be present in our daily lives, constituting a firm reference for our actions as people and as professionals and help us to act correctly. Our Code of Ethics applies, regardless of position, geographical location or functional hierarchy, to all OW employees and to OW’s business partners, representatives and suppliers who under any circumstances are qualified to act on behalf of Ocean Winds.

OW Ethics & Compliance Coordination Body (ECCB)

Is  committee which is aimed at facilitating the OW Board of Director’s supervision and overseeing the OW ethics & compliance program.

Anti-Corruption Policy

To adopt the best practices followed by our sponsors (EDPR and Engie), Ocean Winds has developed an Anti-Corruption Policy, mandatory for all employees and “transaction partners”.

This Policy regulates essentially the relationship of employees and transaction partners with third parties, both public agencies and private entities, and establishes a number of rules concerning the provision and acceptance of gifts, meals, entertainment and traveling, as well as the execution of political contributions, donations and sponsorships.

The main objective of this policy is to avoid influencing the will of any employees or external entity to obtain any benefit or advantage for the company, by using unethical practices.

Whistleblower channel

In addition, Ocean Winds has a whistleblower channel ( for reporting corruption-related incidents as well as any other non-compliance that may involve the commission of a criminal offense.

  • Paulo Almirante
  • Rui Teixeira
  • Bautista Rodriguez
  • Grzegorz Gorski
  • Sylvie Credot
  • Joao Paulo Mateus

Whistleblower channel

Report corruption-related incidents as well as any other non-compliance that may involve the commission of a criminal offense.


Read the information below before sending a complaint using by email:
1. This website is not an emergency communications system.
2. The confidentiality of the complainants sending by email is guaranteed within the high level of performance of Ocean Winds (OW OFFSHORE S.L.)’s information systems, particularly regarding adequate information protection and processing in accordance with all applicable laws. Consult our current privacy policy here (link to the ethical code section of the OW web).
3. Ocean Winds has made an explicit commitment to non-retaliation and to the confidentiality of the identity of the complainant and discretion on the subject of the complaint.


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