Why OW

Let’s grow together!

Our People think that OW is...

“Exciting, ambitious and progressive.”

María Talaván

“Challenge, innovation, cooperation.”

João Rodrigues

“Bold, agile, devoted.”

Miguel Moreira

“Challenging, exciting, team.”

Jonathan Cabrero

“Influence, innovation."

Sarah Edward

“Dynamic, ambitious, innovative.”

Carmen Cortés

Benefits and Perks

We take care of the world, and we take care of you

We would like to take care of you, not only as a professional but as a person, because at OW, you are our most valuable asset.

Grow with us

OW is constantly growing and we want you to grow with us. We aim to invest in the growth of professionals and so we build talent through our graduate programme,  our ongoing learning and our training plans.

Tip: you set your own limits

Time for yourself

We want you to develop, not only as a professional but as an individual. We help our employees to maintain a good work-life balance with flexible hours.

Tip: time for you and yours, whatever that may mean for you.

We celebrate with you

We have great ambitions and goals and that is why we celebrate each and every one of our employees´ little successes. We aim to give them credit for all of their hard work in building OW.

Tip: every little achievement counts.

Give back

OW is constantly working to make the world a better place. We want to build a better future and pass on our values through and to our team, by taking part in volunteering activities and social work.

Tip: because we care.

Healthy lifestyles

Keeping our employees and their family healthy is a priority for us. We help them support their loved ones. Parental leave, health insurance, healthy food, sports and activities, children while working are just some of the measures we take to ensure that.

Tip: keep the body in good health, keep your mind strong and clear.

International opportunities

OW has projects in seven countries around the world. These perspectives make OW and our employees grow together. The opportunity to travel also helps our team to develop through meaningful experiences.

Tip: the world is your’s.

Integrity and belonging

At OW we have people from all over the world, different languages and nationalities and professions all working together. All these different perspectives improve our work and we keep the OW our culture alive through team building together with many other activities.

Tip: make integrity and kindness your first priority.


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