State of Rio Grande do Norte and Ocean Winds reinforce partnership for Offshore Wind Energy Development in the region

Ocean Winds (OW), the offshore wind joint-venture between EDPR and ENGIE, has formalized a partnership with Rio Grande do Norte of Brazil for offshore wind energy in the region.

Ocean Winds (OW), an international company dedicated to offshore wind energy and created as a 50-50 joint venture in 2020 by EDP Renewables and ENGIE, has reinforced its partnership with the State of Rio Grande do Norte through the signing of an amendment to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the parties in 2021. The MoU was crafted to formalize the strategic collaboration aimed at advancing mutual co-operation and the development of offshore wind energy projects within the State. This significant development was marked by an addendum signing ceremony between Fátima Bezerra, Governor of the Rio Grande do Norte State, and Bautista Rodriguez, CEO of Ocean Winds, during the Brazil Wind Power 2023 event.

Rio Grande do Norte is known for its consistently strong and reliable wind resources. The region’s coastal location offers a prime environment for harnessing offshore wind energy, which can provide a stable and consistent source of renewable power. In this sense, OW is currently seeking a license for the next project of Rio Grande do Norte: Maral (2 GW).

The overarching objective of this strategic collaboration between Ocean Winds and Rio Grande do Norte is to establish a regulatory framework and conditions conducive to the joint development of offshore wind energy projects in the State at a moment when the country aims to have the industry’s legal framework by the end of the year. The collaboration program outlined within the MoU encompasses the coordinated planning and execution of actions, as well as the exchange of confidential information between these stakeholders.

The Secretary of Economic Development of Rio Grande do Norte said “Rio Grande do Norte is committed to the energy transition, being the state that has made the most progress in renewable energy generation over the past 10 years. We have a new frontier to explore, which is offshore wind energy, and we believe that Ocean Winds is the right partner for this. We are confident that this partnership will bring many benefits to Brazil and Rio Grande do Norte, providing an opportunity for us to develop projects and joint actions to enhance the value chain for offshore wind energy.”

Rafael Munilla, Chief Business Development Officer of Ocean Winds, said: “We are proud to start this partnership with the State of Rio Grande do Norte, with the aim of ensuring that our offshore wind projects in the State have the best regional impact, support the energy transition and provide long-term opportunities. For us at OW, it is always a priority to encourage the creation of an industry that is sustainable, focusing on direct and indirect local employment opportunities.”

This partnership is an illustration of OW’s commitment to establishing offshore wind energy within the State that aligns with the regional goals of enhancing energy security and diversifying the energy mix, while fostering economic development and employment opportunities within the region.

Ocean Winds, with a substantial project portfolio of around 17 GW spanning seven countries, has solidified its pioneering leadership in the offshore wind sector. The company is dedicated to extending its support to promising regions for offshore wind energy in the green transition, as with the State of Rio Grande do Norte.


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