Ocean Winds Undertake Fraserburgh Beach Clean and collects more than half a tonne of Litter
  • Ocean Winds has sponsored the East Grampian Coastal Partnership, and Ocean Winds staff and their families have undertaken a beach cleaning event at Fraserburgh as part of the company’s global social investment policy.
  • The event was part of the Company’s world-wide “Protecting the Oceans” initiative, which commenced in Spain last month

Fraserburgh, 17 November 2021: As part of its international “Protecting The Oceans” initiative, Ocean Winds, the lead developer of the 950MW Moray East Offshore Windfarm (whose operations and maintenance base recently opened at Fraserburgh Harbour) has joined with East Grampian Coastal Partnership to help them deliver their “Turning the Plastic Tide” project.

Ca. 50 Ocean Winds staff and their children spent the day on Fraserburgh beach, collecting litter, including plastic and masks, clearing more than 1000m of coastline of over 590kg (More than half a tonne!)  of litter which included: 

  • 30 bags of small litter – polystyrene, plastic bottles, firework debris (associated with Guy Fawkes Night), and small fishing rope/net pieces totaling 230kg
  • Heavy items including 3 very large nets, 2 creel pots, 2 fish boxes, and 1 tyre and 5 oil drums. Total weight 360kg.
  • Unusual/interesting finds included a fire extinguisher, 3 welly boots, fisherman’s overalls, and a tent.

“Protecting The Oceans” is an international initiative and the Fraserburgh Beach clean is the second event, the first being held in San Antolin (Spain) last month. With this initiative, OW aims to join the fight against marine pollution and to raise awareness in adults and children of the impacts of pollution and the importance of marine conservation and recycling.  

Through partnership with organisations such as the East Grampian Coastal Partnership, Ocean Winds is working to deliver global environmental aims through local action and engagement.


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