Ocean Winds, together with 5 leading companies, has created the Japan’s Floating Offshore Group with the goal of decarbonizing Japan by 2050

The Japanese government is targeting net zero emission by 2050 and aims to deploy 30-45 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2040. As a leading company in the development of floating offshore wind energy, Ocean Winds is willing to explore renewable energy and low carbon business opportunities and build a strong position within the Japanese offshore wind industry.

The key factors to achieve LCOE reduction are industrialisation and maturation of wind power to enable substantial installation capacity.

For this, it is necessary to create an attractive business environment by developing  stable, and long-term market that enables the industry to make large-scale investment decisions, and early clarification of FOW-related systems such as development in EEZs.

What do we  propose for the development of the FOW market in Japan?

1.- It is proposed to set a target of 2-3GW by 2030, and to set medium and long-term targets.

The industry is preparing and large-scale FOW projects can be operational by 2030, thus contributing to Japan’s decarbonisation. In addition, it should be noted that Japan has FOW-related industries such as construction, shipbuilding, steel, and chemical industries, making it a potential for domestic industrial development.

2.- Strategic development plans for large-scale and domestic industrial development should be promoted. Development plans for projects ranging from several hundred to GW scale by 2030 are necessary to industrialise, mature and reduce the costs of FOW.

If clear pathways are shown to empower the domestic industry, reduce costs and take strategic measures, the domestic FOW supply chain can be internationally competitive.

3.- The debate to create an attractive FOW business environment need to be accelerated.


By setting up dedicated committees to discuss FOW issues and charting a clear path towards the creation of a business environment. This includes setting medium and long-term goals, plans for large-scale FOW developments, and working towards development in the EEZ. Therefore, Ocean Winds, together with 5 leading companies, has created the Japan Floating Offshore Wind Energy Group to accelerate this change in Japan.

The Group has released the  vision statement “Expectation and forecast of FOW in Japan. Key to decarbonisation in Japan”. Please click here to download English version. And click here for the Japanese version.


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