Offshore wind energy advances in Puerto Real: Navantia Seanergies delivers the first substation jacket to Ocean Winds for the Îles d’Yeu et Noirmoutier offshore wind farm

• This is a fixed foundation for the substation of the French offshore wind farm currently under construction, Îles d’Yeu et Noirmoutier, and the shipyard is currently building a second substation jacket for the offshore wind farm Dieppe Le Tréport, also of Ocean Winds.

• This strategic business relationship between Ocean Winds and Navantia not only contributes to the energy transition, but also generates important job opportunities within the country, strengthening the industrial and economic fabric of Spain.

Puerto Real (Cádiz), 15 May 2024 – Navantia Seanergies, Navantia’s Green Energies division, has delivered this Tuesday its first project at the Puerto Real shipyard since its inception as a brand in 2022. It is the first substation jacket for the future offshore wind farm of Îles d’Yeu et Noirmoutier, in France, developed by the company Ocean Winds.

This milestone took place at the dock of the shipyard in Puerto Real, where the jacket (fixed foundation for offshore wind) is already loaded for transport, with the presence of the CEO of Ocean Winds, Bautista Rodríguez, who was received by the president of Navantia, Ricardo Domínguez; the director of Navantia Seanergies, Javier Herrador, and the director of Substations and Offshore Platforms Business of Navantia Seanergies, Manuel Braza. In addition, more than 200 guests attended, including collaborating companies and the shipyard’s own staff.

The structure, which is almost 64 metres high and weighs 1,700 tonnes, has been completely built at the Puerto Real shipyard within the planned timeframe, just over a year. A second structure with similar characteristics is currently under construction in Puerto Real, destined for the French offshore wind farm Dieppe le Tréport, also owned by Ocean Winds.

For the president of Navantia, Ricardo Domínguez, this delivery reflects the company’s commitment to green energy at the Puerto Real shipyard and the commitment and efficient work of the workforce and the collaborating industry. “This project is an example of Navantia’s firm commitment to the Puerto Real shipyard, where offshore wind power coexists with shipbuilding programmes for the Spanish Navy and other countries”.

Ricardo Domínguez thanked Ocean Winds for the trust placed in Navantia Seanergies and accompanied its CEO, Bautista Rodríguez, on a visit to the historical area of the shipyard, where he signed the book of honour.

Ocean Winds’ CEO, Bautista Rodríguez, has stated: “Since the early days of Ocean Winds, collaborations with national actors and companies have been prioritized, not only for the development of employment in the country but also to position Spain as a leader in engineering and industry in the development of offshore wind energy. Among our national partners, the collaboration with Navantia Seanergies stands out, which has demonstrated great leadership in the construction of essential components for offshore wind farms, with milestones such as todays in our d’Iles d’Yeu et Noirmoutier project.”

“This strategic commercial relationship between Ocean Winds and Navantia has not only generated clean energy but also job opportunities within the country, strengthening the industrial and economic fabric of many regions, especially here in Puerto Real,” he added.

The shipyard in Puerto Real will have a new flat panel manufacturing workshop in just a few months, equipped with the latest welding technologies and a high level of automation, an investment of 43 million euros that will increase its competitiveness both in the naval and green energy fields, particularly for floating structures. This shipyard will also host one of the headquarters of the Green Energy Center of Excellence (CoEx) of the company, essential for technological deployment under an open and collaborative model, which will be a key lever to achieve the challenges that Navantia Seanergies has not only in the offshore wind framework but also in green hydrogen.

The jacket completed in Puerto Real marks a milestone in the collaboration between Navantia Seanergies and Ocean Winds, a company dedicated to offshore wind energy based in Madrid and created as a joint venture between EDPR and ENGIE. This collaboration also includes the agreement to reserve capacity for the manufacture of elements destined for future offshore wind farms internationally between 2027 and 2031, including floating structures for future parks in Spain, Portugal, and other European countries. This agreement reinforces the long-term collaboration between the two entities, as well as for floating offshore wind, not only as a key technology for the development of offshore wind potential but also as a creator of economic opportunities and promotion of the Spanish industry.

In 2022, Ocean Winds already awarded the Navantia Seanergies-Windar consortium 14 XXL monopiles for the Moray West wind farm in the UK, and 62 wind turbine jackets for the Dieppe le Tréport park in France, both projects currently under execution at Navantia Fene.


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