Ocean Winds and DISA have teamed up to develop offshore wind farms in the Canary Islands
  • Together they are developing offshore electricity generation projects, which could double the market share of renewable energy in the Canary Islands

Canary Islands, 23rd July 2021.- Ocean Winds, a company specialising in offshore wind energy generation, and DISA Group, a leader in renewable electricity generation in the Canary Islands, have teamed up to develop offshore wind farms in the Canary Islands.

Their main objective will be to develop projects with floating wind power technology, which will help to reach the targets set out in the recently approved Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition, with which Spain aspires to double the share of renewable energy of final energy consumption to 42% by 2030. This is an even greater challenge for the Canary Islands as this rate currently only stands at 4% according to information taken from the Canary Islands Energy Yearbook 2019.

Ocean Winds and DISA will contribute to the progressive reduction in the use of fossil fuels in electricity generation in the Canary Islands. Offshore wind energy from the jointly promoted projects would double the current share of renewable energy, as well as reduce the cost of electricity generation on the islands.

In the Canary Islands, the depth of the waters away from the coast makes it necessary to use floating wind technology, a technology in which Ocean Winds has demonstrated significant prowess in several countries.

The development of the floating offshore wind industry will provide an opportunity to strengthen the economic potential of Spain as a whole, with the Canary Islands benefiting in particular.

The manufacture, installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms is estimated to generate up to 3,700 direct and indirect jobs in strategic sectors such as shipyards, auxiliary workshops, ports and various other service industries.

The innovation involved in the use of floating wind technology will make it possible to take advantage of areas with high energy potential, in a way that is compatible with environmental protection and other uses for the sea. This way, maritime areas are considered where the prevailing strong wind is ideal for making the most of this natural resource.

Ocean Winds and DISA are thrilled with the future approval of a new regulatory framework in line with the latest developments in maritime zoning and the content of the “Roadmap for the development of offshore wind and marine energy”. They consider this as an opportunity for the Canary Islands, as pioneers in the development of these projects, which give boosts to the local economy and workforce and serve as “spearheads” for their subsequent deployment across the rest of Spain.

DISA Group brings its leadership in renewables in the Canary Islands to this alliance, as well as its in-depth knowledge of the energy sector as a whole, thanks to the activities it has been carrying out since 1933 and its commitment to the economic and social development of the Archipelago.

Ocean Winds, a company owned by EDPR and Engie, brings its experience and technological expertise as a leading developer in offshore wind energy, with an extensive portfolio of fixed and floating projects. They are pioneers in this type of technology, having developed Windfloat Atlantic, located 20 km off the coast of Viana do Castelo in Portugal, the first semi-submersible floating wind farm in the world, which came online last year.

Ocean Winds started a year ago with a total of 1,500 MW under construction and 4 GW in advanced development. It aims to reach 5 to 7 GW of projects in operation or under construction and 5 to 10 GW in advanced development by 2025.  Ocean Winds is actively present as a developer of offshore wind energy projects in Europe, America and Asia.


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