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Ocean WindsNew offshore wind energy

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This is how the first wind energy brand was born.

Spyridon Martinis,

“When we embarked upon the offshore wind journey 10 years ago we were not the first in what was a young industry with much to prove. Since then we have demonstrated determination , resilience and leadership in all areas of the business and are rightly recognised as a strong competitor and leader in several key offshore markets.

Our reputation is built on the solid foundations given to us by our innovative , hard working staff who genuinely care about what we do. But now is the time to build upon this strong structure and deliver so much more.

The future of Offshore Wind is assured around the world and it is our aim to be at the forefront of this industry.”

Wind Animation

About Offshore Wind Energy - Ocean Winds


A company made by the wind, powered by its clean and limitless energy. Energy we believe will lead us to a better world: a carbon-neutral one. Whatever wind energy we put into the universe will come back to us.

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