Ocean Winds is the first Spanish Renewable energy company specialized in Offshore wind, to obtain the Certification of a Great Place to Work during a pandemic

It is the most prestigious recognition in people management and business strategy, both nationally and internationally, which it is annually granted to the best employers in the world.

  • Despite being established a couple of days before the lockdown was declared, Ocean Winds has opted to continue investing in the recruitment of personnel and in the creation of the best work conditions, which ahs allowed them to obtain the excellence as employer.
  • Amidst the revolution in work processes caused by the pandemic, in spite of the distance, and thanks to the creativity and the adaptation, they have achieved transmitting their DNA to their employees, making each of them their best ambassador.
  • Their technology and their reliance on a first level human team, has allowed them to continue with operations and reach set objectives, notwithstanding the harshness of the lockdown.

Ocean Winds, the first Spanish Company specialised in Offshore Wind Energy , has achieved the certification of being a Great Place to Work, granted by the consultancy firm Great Place to Work, leader in the recognition and certification of excellent places to work. Making it the first Spanish company of renewable energy to receive this certificate during the pandemic.

This certification has a double significance because OW has obtained it in record time, only 4 months after launching the brand and during the hard months of the pandemic, were just two days after the establishment of the company, the lockdown was declared in Spain, one of the most restrictive in the world, which lasted more than three months. All of the company’s operations have been developed remotely, with all that this implicates for a new enterprise, where many of the teams had to be established and formed virtually and as a matter of fact, some, still don’t know each other in real life.

Nonetheless, OW has kept working non-stop to be able to get going all of the benefits, care and the necessary infrastructure to give employees the best conditions to be a Great Place to Work, being conscious that the human capital is the most important asset for the company and it is the one that will help them assume a role as reference in the offshore wind energy sector and a key one in the global energetic transition.

Creativity, resilience, and adaptation have been key to overcome moments we never thought we would experience, from which we have come out stronger as a team and company.

For Spyridon Martinis, CEO of Ocean Winds ”It is a great honour for OW being certified as a Great Place to Work, because it adds value to our brand as employers and because it was achieved during a very difficult time, in which we had, in one hand to set up our own team staring practically from scratch, bringing to our organization many people and on the other hand during a period that everything has to be done remotely. It´s a status  that is very much appreciated by our people, the people that came on board and that have been working with us for the past months but also for new comers or potential new comers being recognised as a place that provides great standards for any person who belong to this company. . We are growing as a company, we need to attract talent, we need to attract the best talent and therefore the Great Place to Work gives us a sort of privilege.”

This certification has been obtained after an organizational environment diagnosis, which includes a global survey of the employees, this way it is determined that Ocean Winds is a company with a reliable culture, able to attract and retain talent. OW counts with more than 250 employees since it is launch and has the objective of reaching 300 by the end of the year. The profile of the human team stands out for representing more than 15 nationalities, with a high university qualification, with a third of feminine representation, fact over the average of the sect, and a 99% of indefinite contracts.


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