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Newsletter nº36 - April 2024


Our new CEO announced as of July 1st!

As you may know, our company has established a governance rotation to ensure leadership, excellence, and appropriate representation at all levels of our joint venture.

Accordingly, this April, our Board of Directors appointed Craig Windram as the new CEO of our company, and this change will take effect on 1st July 2024.

Craig has over 25 years of experience in spearheading large-scale renewable and infrastructure projects worldwide. His expertise spans all aspects of the energy transition, from development and financing to operation and optimization. Craig’s leadership has consistently delivered bottom-line results, leading diverse teams across continents!

Following this change, our current CEO, Bautista Rodriguez will become Chief Operating Officer (COO) as of July 1st.

We are excited for the journey ahead!



Busy month at Moray West with last monopile and first wind turbine installed

This month has been a very intense and successful one at Moray West.

During the month of April, the last monopile was installed offshore. This last monopile, coming from the Navantia batch, marked the completion of the installation of the 62 monopiles of the project, an activity that has been carried out by DEME and Boskalis.

Since the first monopile was installed in October, our team has been working very hard, and efficiently managing our suppliers, to achieve this important milestone.

But that’s not all! This month we have kicked off the installation of the wind turbines and blades. Provided by our supplier Siemens Gamesa, and installed by Cadeler, the first wind turbine and the 108-meter XXL blades were installed on Sunday 21st April.

Siemens Gamesa is marshalling all turbine components at Port of Nigg, from where Cadeler’s heavy lift vessel, ‘Wind Orca’, is undertaking the installations, due to run for most of the rest of 2024.

And to wrap up this exciting month, we also started the installation of the inter-array cables (IACs), connecting up the wind turbine locations with the offshore substations!

With over 120 km of IAC to install, our supplier, Seaway7, is expected to complete the first part of the installation scope in Q2/Q3 2024, ready for the first power to flow from the project this year.

Really all we can say is wOW, that’s what we mean when we tell others how exciting it is to work at OW! Congratulations to the teams for this amazing work, and best of luck in this last phase, you are almost there.


DC5 signs MOU with Korean fisheries commitees

Through the DC5 organization, our Korean project KF Wind and another four developers involved in the Ulsan floating offshore wind project site, have signed a cooperation agreement with the Ulsan Floating Offshore Wind Power Fishermen’s Countermeasures Committee and Ulsan Suhyup (National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives).

This agreement aims to foster cooperation within the different groups involved throughout all phases of development, to develop for example onshore and offshore surveys, collaborate on acquisition of permits and approval, and strengthen community relations to foster a respectful and transparent development.

This MOU is key for the successful development of our project, as Ulsan Fisheries Cooperative will play a critical role in the consultation and coordination process between the 5 offshore wind projects developed in Ulsan.

Austin Park, our Project Director for KF Wind and Chairperson of Ulsan Floating Offshore Wind Association commented on how this agreement will serve as a model for community-focused development and contribute significantly to the regional economy.

Great advancement!


The first batch of EMYN’s monopiles arrived in La Rochelle

The first monopiles for our Îles d’Yeu and Noirmoutier project, have arrived at the Port de La Rochelle!

This first batch of 11 monopiles will be installed offshore during the month of May, while monopiles will be continuing to arrive in La Rochelle, close to the installation site and with the infrastructure and expertise needed to carry out projects of this scale.

This is an exciting time for our project, getting closer to the first monopile installation! This installation period will last throughout 2024, culminating in 2025.

Congratulations to the teams involved for all their hard work and effort! 💪


Our BC-Wind Project completes offshore and nearshore research

In April, a significant stage of the project was completed at our BC-Wind project, with the conclusion of the offshore and nearshore studies, getting ready for the future offshore infrastructure!

In April, after 12 months and four vessels having spent a total of over 4,500 hours at sea, the offshore research campaign within the BC-Wind project and the export cable corridor was completed!

And not only that! The geophysical and geotechnical studies nearshore too! These studies took place in the Pomeranian Voivodeship and concluded after nearly 9 months of intensive work. Two vessels were engaged in the campaign, spending in total nearly 300 days at sea, along with the floating platform Kopernik-1, temporarily located near Lubiatowo beach.

Our teams are now waiting for the results of laboratory tests on soil and water samples, as well as documentary work, which will form the basis for the next stages of the project, while research work in the onshore part is still ongoing.

The completion of geophysical and geotechnical research campaigns in the offshore area marks another milestone in the BC-Wind project, getting closer to the construction of the first offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea!

Picture of the month

Feeling the breeze? First turbines installed at Moray West!

OW’s Global Presence

Throughout April, our team has been present at numerous events and galas in the sector!

In France, our team has been present at various events! We started the month of April at Shipping Days, a key event to foster and strengthen our relationship with local suppliers. We continued the month with a visit to Leucate, where our EFGL project team hosted a stand at the Mondial du Vent, a key international kitesurfing competition, enabling the community to learn more about our project in the region. And we finished the month with FOWT, where our OW French team and EFGL teams forge connections with key stakeholders in the floating sector, and actively engage with the national and international supply chain.

OW also sponsored the Ocean Renewables Summit in Portugal This event featured insightful talks, where Catarina Rei, our Head of Permitting and Environment, Georgios Rogdakis, our Grid Connection and Transmission Director, and Sergio Pinar, our Director of Energy Markets & Regulation, participated, emphasizing Portugal’s offshore wind energy’s potential and regulatory progress. All the valuable contributions from attendees underscored the industry’s commitment to Portugal’s offshore wind market!!

Our United Kingdom team attended the Young Professionals Green Energy Award 2024 Gala, organised by Scottish Renewables, where our member Lynsey Shovlin won the Cultural Change Award! Congratulations Lynsey!

Our team from Poland participated in the 11th Seminar of the West Pomeranian Maritime Cluster in early April. This seminar aimed to stimulate the development of the maritime economy in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. During the event, OW engaged in discussions with Arkadiusz Marchewka, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Infrastructure, responsible for energy transformation and maritime sector development in Poland, regarding the expansion of port infrastructure for offshore wind farms.

The second edition of the conference ‘Construction of Wind Farms’ was also held, where Marek Świerżyński, Technical Director of OW in Poland, was present. And that is not all! During the third edition of the Future Energy Congress (KEP) 2024, an event organised by students, Aleksandra Jampolska, Senior Stakeholder Manager, participated in a panel discussion on the future of offshore wind energy in Poland, opportunities, and challenges of the sector.

Across the pond, our North American team has been present at the International Partner Forum (IPF) 2024 in New Orleans with industry leaders from across the sector to discuss the latest trends, best practices, policy, and technology updates.

What’s new in offshore?

Spain makes significant progress for the future of offshore wind - three key public consultations just concluded!

March 2024 marked a crucial moment for the future of offshore wind energy in Spain, as three crucial public consultations concluded! These consultations, although independent, were closely interrelated in shaping the offshore wind energy landscape, covering (1) the new offshore wind regulation, (2) the modification of coastal regulation, and (3) the electricity transmission grid development plan from 2025 to 2030.

Ocean Winds team played an important role in contributing to these three public consultations, providing constructive ideas and seeking a coordination and alignment among the main players in our sector.

The draft regulation for offshore wind consolidates a model based on competitive tenders in which three aspects will be awarded at the same time: a CfD tariff, the seabed lease and the access to the grid. The tender will consider non-price criteria up to 30% of the total score. OW focused its proposals on enhancing aspects such as the sea bed allocation process, the Cfd indexation or the non-price criteria.

Regarding the modification to coastal regulation, OW advocates for a model that ensures a fair compensation to the directly affected local communities and fisheries.

Regarding the electricity transmission grid development plan, OW provided practical proposals aligned with its envisioned offshore wind development by 2030 in Spain.

At Ocean Winds, we trust that these contributions will be well considered by the relevant administrations and organizations, and that together we can progress towards the first offshore wind energy tender in Spain in this year 2024.

Click HERE for full details and Ocean Winds’ contributions to the consultations!


New Onboarding process at OW

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is more crucial than ever. At OW, we recognize that our greatest asset is our people, and we’re committed to ensuring that every new team member feels valued, supported, and equipped for success from day one. That is why we have developed a holistic approach to onboarding that goes beyond mere orientation and paperwork, focusing on creating a full and inclusive experience for our new employees.

This new Onboarding process places special emphasis on 3 main aspects: involving the team and the manager, prioritising the experience and commitment of employees, and guaranteeing full training from day one.

Why are these 3 aspects so critical?

  • We firmly believe that successful onboarding begins with a strong support system. That’s why our onboarding process involves not only the new hire but also their team and manager from the very beginning. Through our innovative Buddy Program, each new team member is paired with a dedicated buddy who provides guidance, support, and encouragement throughout the onboarding journey. Additionally, managers play a crucial role in setting expectations, providing feedback, and facilitating integration.


  • At OW, we also recognize that the employee experience is paramount to our success. We’re committed to fostering a culture of engagement, collaboration, and excellence that inspires loyalty and commitment among our employees.


  • And finally, we believe that knowledge is the foundation of success. That’s why our onboarding process includes comprehensive training and development opportunities from the moment a new hire joins our team. We’re dedicated to equipping our employees with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to excel in their roles and thrive in our organization.

At OW, we are embarking on another year of growth and development!

On 10th April you received a personalised email from the Corporate University MBOX with your individual 2024 Training Plan.

The 2024 training plan includes a wide range of technical, voluntary and mandatory training courses designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to support your professional growth. From mastering new software tools to keeping up to date with industry best practices, these courses are designed to ensure you have the knowledge you need to meet any challenge you face.

In this training plan, you can also find opportunities for voluntary training, allowing you to tailor your learning path to your individual goals and aspirations. Through the Individual Development Plan (IDP) process, you have the opportunity to work with your manager to identify areas for growth and select transversal training courses that best suit your needs.

Finally, while technical and voluntary training allows for personalised growth and development, we also recognise the importance of fulfilling mandatory training requirements, both legally and internally. Whether it is compliance training or internal policies designed to ensure safety in the workplace, these courses play a critical role in maintaining our commitment to excellence and integrity.

Now that you know your 2024 training plan, stay tuned to the training sessions that you will receive from the Corporate University!

If you have any question, you can access the calendar on the Corporate University platform to find out on which dates the training you are interested in will be taking place.



Making a difference every day: Our month of meaningful CSR actions!

This month, we inaugurated in Poland the III edition of the “Choczewo: Wind-Powered Municipality” program, focused on the empowerment and engagement of children and youth!

With an impressive surge in interest during 2023, a total of 111 ideas were submitted, with 68 ultimately receiving financial backing, amounting to over 1,087,000 Polish złoty. This robust response underscores the program’s profound impact on the local community, highlighting a collective commitment to sustainable development and community engagement.

Through the collaborative efforts of OW and other developers, the “Choczewo: Wind-Powered Municipality” program embodies a shared commitment to fostering social cohesion, educational advancement, and cultural enrichment within this municipality.

Meanwhile, our OW NA team joined forces with the Charles River Watershed Association, a prominent local environmental non-profit, for their 25th Annual Earth Day Cleanup. Venturing out to a nearby park close to our Boston office, our team worked to rid the area of litter, filling an impressive total of 17 trash bags, making a tangible impact in preserving the Charles River ecosystem!!

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Last monopile installed at Moray West!

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