Newsletter nº35 - March 2024


Welcoming Our New Chief Financial Officer: Daan Van Hoyweghen!

We are pleased to announce the appointment of a new member to our Management Committee, Daan Van Hoyweghen, who will be the new Chief Financial Officer of OW!

With his extensive industry experience and history of successful achievements in the energy sector that perfectly suit this role, his embodiment of the qualities we value in our leadership team, and with the endorsement of our both sponsors, Daan Van Hoyweghen has been chosen to replace Matteo Maino, former CFO. 

Daan Van Hoyweghen has been part of the ENGIE group for 18 years, with over 12 years of experience in Acquisitions & Investments. His previous role was Head of Procurement, Investment, and Financial Advisory for ENGIE’s Global Renewables Business Units, where he was responsible for acquisitions, investment, project financing and restructuring projects. He has also advanced his career in various geographies – Europe, Latin America, and France – which provided him with a unique and strong strategic international financial expertise that perfectly aligns with OW’s vision for the future.

During this demanding yet promising period of time in our sector, Daan Van Hoyweghen’s know-how will be key in guiding our finance teams to keep facilitating important transactions and arranging project financing for our secured portfolio, contributing to our goal of successfully delivering our projects. 

Please join us in warmly welcoming Daan Van Hoyweghen to the OW team! We are very excited about this new chapter as having him in the team will help us continue to grow and succeed!



Moray West: Activity abounds at Port Nigg while continuing offshore installation

The first load of power is approaching as the blades start to arrive at Nigg!

The first batch of the 108-meter-long blades provided by Siemens Gamesa have been loaded in at Nigg. The first batch of pre-assembly towers are ready at the quayside waiting for installation of wind turbines to start in April.

This month we can also proudly say that Nexans has successfully completed the installation of the export cables for our two offshore substation platforms (OSPs) at Moray West.

The installation of the cables marks another key milestone for our 882 MW project, as our OSP commissioning teams continue their work on the cable terminations as part of the wider commissioning tasks, supported by the team on board the Leviathan Jack Up Vessel (JUV) with walk-to-work gangway to maximise safety and efficiency.

We are looking forward to the next step: the upcoming energisation of the first export circuit – starting with backfeed from the Blackhillock substation on the existing grid network, through the project substation at Whitehillock along the onshore export cables and the offshore export cables to power up the OSP. Once the export circuit is fully tested it will be ready for first export power when the first string of WTGs is ready in a few months’ time.

Also, during this month, more transition pieces (TPs) have been delivered to Nigg with Deme Apollo busy installing them onto the pre-installed monopiles.

The monopile campaign has been at full pace with both Bokalift2 and Orion loading MPs from Invergordon for installation at the site. Boka2 then completed the contracted 33 MPs, drawing to a close the scopes of Boskalis.

Seaway7 has started installation of the JDR manufactured Inter Array Cables (IACs), chasing Apollo’s TP installation campaign.

Congrats to all the teams involved!


SouthCoast Wind submits bid in tri-state procurement

Our 2.4 GW SouthCoast Wind project confirms participation in the first ever North American tri-state offshore wind solicitation, developed by Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

The trio of states has collaborated to pursue multi-state offshore wind initiatives aimed at enhancing regional benefits, leveraging economies of scale to achieve cost savings, stimulating regional economic growth and employment opportunities. 

As Michael Brown, CEO of SouthCoast Wind and our Country manager in North America saysToday marks a pivotal moment for the SouthCoast Wind project and the offshore wind industry in New England. The first ever tri-state offshore wind solicitation demonstrates an unshakeable commitment to a clean energy future for all and we are proud to submit our bid. After years of extraordinary work by our team, the SouthCoast Wind project is on schedule to deliver abundant and renewable power to New England’s electric grid by 2030. 

In addition, earlier this month, OW acquired full ownership of the 2.4 GW project, previously, a 50/50 joint venture between OW and Shell New Energies.

Congrats to the teams involved for their work! Fingers crossed for a positive result and PPA Award! Stay tuned!


A major milestone achieved in the BC-Wind project

We are pleased to announce that over the weekend of March 9, 2024, another significant milestone was successfully completed in the
BC-Wind project!

After nearly 12 months of intensive geophysical and geotechnical surveys in the offshore wind farm area and export cable corridor, Horizon Geodiscovery ship has completed the final geotechnical CPT drilling at the OWF site.

The field operations have been concluded, marking a huge milestone for the project. With the collected data, we will now have a comprehensive set of information necessary for the design and installation of foundations and cables.

The collected samples have been carefully packed, prepared for transport, and sent to the laboratory for analysis. Final results are expected to be received by May of this year.

The surveys included, among other things, bathymetry of the farm area and cable corridor, as well as drilling and sampling to understand the seabed geology. The scope of these activities involved:

  • 19 x Seabed CPTu to refusal
  • 37 x DtH CPTu to refusal, including 19 continuation CPTs with drilling to a nominal termination depth of 60m below seabed
  • 11 x Seismic SCPTu with sampling every 3.0 m in both Seabed and DtH mode
  • 14 x sampling boreholes to a nominal termination depth of 60 m below seabed
  • 3 x P-S logging with a total depth of 60m

We extend heartfelt thanks to all involved in this challenging process! We are now a step closer to our next phase!

Picture of the month

OW Inspiring new generations at Wind Europe Bilbao!

OW’s Global Presence

OW’s success at Wind Europe 2024 and various events!

We made a notable impact at the event as Floating Content Partner, sharing more on our floating wind pioneer position and expertise, while showcasing how we are advancing on the construction of 2 GW of offshore wind power in Europe. 

The event was attended by more than 12,000 industry professionals.

We also were very visible through our effective stand, where we crafted the OW experience! This adventure consisted of an interactive tunnel, illustrating the lifecycle of an offshore wind farm while showcasing our projects. The tunnel culminated in a wall where attendees could leave messages to inspire future generations, alongside an interactive game designed to simulate powering houses. We are
excited to share it was a success: many people came to visit us!

We made a notable impact at the event as Floating Content Partner and through our effective stand, where we crafted the OW experience! This adventure consisted of an interactive tunnel, illustrating the lifecycle of an offshore wind farm while showcasing our projects. The tunnel culminated in a wall where attendees could leave messages to inspire future generations, alongside an interactive game designed to simulate powering houses. We are excited to share it was a success: many people came to visit us!

Furthermore, our team members participated in various panels and discussions throughout the event, starting with Tiago Duarte, engaging in two insightful discussions organized by Foro Marítimo Vasco and NORWEP.

Notably, on Friday, our COO, Grzegorz Gorski joined the Ministerial Offshore Wind Session panel, focused on supply chain and our commitment to develop it at a national and local level.

José Pinheiro, Project Director of WindFloat Atlantic and Country Manager for South Europe, contributed to the discussion on ‘Floating Wind and how to speed up auctions,’ regarding the importance of a comprehensive energy policy to meet the renewable energy targets on time and reflect on the upcoming tenders and auctions expected in the Southern European region, and how to accelerate the landscape of floating offshore wind.

Additionally, Oscar Diaz, Chief EPCI Officer, provided insights as moderator on the panel ‘Floating: 15 years of Demos – what have we learned?’ As he chaired this working group this year, it was an opportunity to discuss with and gain insights from our colleagues in the sector, with our unique and pioneering experience.

We extend our gratitude to every member of our team who dedicated their time, expertise, and passion to make Wind Europe 2024 an outstanding success!

CLICK HERE to see all the pictures of the event

But that’s not all!

In March, our Polish team was actively engaged in three significant events, demonstrating our commitment to the offshore wind energy sector!

First, our team participated in the second edition of the EDU OFFSHORE WIND 2024 educational fair, the largest event dedicated to offshore wind energy in Poland, it provided a unique platform to introduce young people to our work as OW and engage in insightful discussions with industry representatives about the sector’s challenges and opportunities.

Meanwhile, Ocean Winds in Poland was also active at the ‘Offshore Wind 2.0: Risks and Insurance’ event in Sopot, where Katarzyna Kufel, Head of Finance & Controls at OW in Poland, contributed to discussions on investment challenges, economic volatility, and supply chain uncertainties. At the ‘Transport Week’ conference in Gdynia, Aleksandra Jampolska, Stakeholder Manager at OW in Poland, presented a case study outlining plans for offshore wind development in Poland, emphasizing challenges, opportunities, and the country’s energy policy.

Crossing the pond, OW was an ambassador for the Offshore Wind Conference in Brazil!

The event commenced with the official opening ceremony, featuring insights from our Brazil Director, Rafael Palhares. Following this, attendees were treated to the Special Plenary Opening with Minister Alexandre Silveira, Minister of Mines and Energy, who provided valuable insights into governmental expectations and objectives for Brazil’s energy transition.

One of the highlights of the event was the Special CEOs Session where Rafael Palhares fostered constructive discussions with industry colleagues about the route, benefits, and challenges of developing Brazil’s competitive offshore wind sector!

On the following day, attendees had the opportunity to gain key insights from Sergio Pinar, our Energy Markets & Regulations Director, who delved into crucial matters concerning the supply chain for offshore wind in Brazil.

Thank you to all our representatives for their dedication and contributions! Your presence at these events was key to representing our company with excellence!


The Aquaculture Project, an example of an innovative solution driven by our colleagues

In this article, we delve into the FLOWting Aquaculture team that stemmed from our first INNOW programme, as they bring their innovative project to life. 

So, join us as we explore their innovative spirit and be inspired by their work!

What is the primary objective of the Aquaculture project, and what do you hope to achieve?

The idea consists of installing aquaculture gear on our WFA floaters to combine the offshore aquaculture production with our energy production and explore potential synergies. 

Therefore, the first objective of the Aquaculture project is to prove the technical feasibility, and the practicality and durability of our proposed solution. This solution has to be not just installable but also capable of withstanding and ensuring that this solution facilitates the growth and development of life. 

The objective of the project itself is to show the possibility of coexistence between offshore wind and aquaculture, and how they can benefit from each other, to include this solution in our future projects.

Jose Pinheiro, Project Director of WindFloat Atlantic & Country Manager for South Europe.
What are the biggest challenges you are encountering during the development of the idea, and how are you navigating through them?

During the project’s development, we encountered several significant challenges. Firstly, crafting a coherent and viable value proposition demanded careful consideration and refinement, though ultimately, we achieved a robust solution. Also learning about the basic aspects of aquaculture and its work.  

Secondly, securing approval from both the Innovation and Management Committees to progress to the prototyping stage required persistence, overcoming initial obstacles and multiple iterations before receiving the green light.  

 Lastly, the necessity of establishing a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) was crucial to safeguarding our idea’s ownership and autonomy amidst potential shareholder interests, necessitating strategic maneuvering to ensure our project’s integrity and longevity.

Borja del Arco, Floating Foundations Specialist
Have there been any unexpected discoveries or key learnings during the project?

Oh yes! Several times we had to slightly change our approach and adapt to the new situation, i.e. due to the legal aspects or regulations or technical issues. 

But a truly remarkable revelation emerged when we discovered that the WindFloat Atlantic floaters’ towing pad-eyes can perfectly accommodate the installation of our aquaculture device’s long line—a serendipitous ‘Eureka moment’ that underscored the compatibility between offshore wind infrastructure and aquaculture, enhancing our project’s feasibility and potential impact!

Mateusz Malecki, Head of Development OW in Poland
How do you believe this project aligns with the broader goals and objectives of OW?

Actually, this project aligns seamlessly with OW’s overarching goals and objectives and fits perfectly into the OW Innovation Strategy.

We are directly contributing to OW’s mission and commitment to find innovative solutions, ensuring that our efforts not only advance the offshore wind industry but also uphold the highest standards of sustainability, innovation, and community engagement!

Mateusz Malecki, Head of Development OW in Poland
What valuable lessons have you gained from your participation in INNOW that you plan to apply to future projects?

At INNOW, we were taught how to develop an idea, guiding us through a structured methodology led by consultants and Daniel Santa Cruz. Interestingly, we didn’t realize we were following a specific methodology; it felt more like an organic process. Through techniques such as Idea-to-Business Development, we learned to foster innovation, bringing forth solutions to our projects, not only encouraging the symbiosis of different sectors but also supporting industries that rely on the sea and oceans.  

By embracing this methodology, we have gained the ability to transform ideas into viable business ventures, driving progress and innovation across various domains connected to marine environments.

Jose Pinheiro, Project Director of WindFloat Atlantic & Country Manager for South Europe

Thanks to the FlOWting Aquaculture team for their involvement and commitment to develop this innovative solution, and good luck for the upcoming development stages of your idea. We all hope to see it actually up and running at WFA very soon!

Stay tuned for more updates on the INNOW programme…


Ocean Winds ISO 45001, 14001 and 9001 follow up audit has been successful for the second consecutive year!

Good news! OW’s Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality Management System certification has been maintained after the second external audit conducted by Bureau Veritas at our Madrid office.

Through ISO 45001, OW is recognized for its system to guarantee a culture of safety, focused on people’s protection within all our facilities, creating a secure and healthy workspace. In that way, ISO 14001 acknowledges OW’s commitment to the environment, by promoting sustainability at an internal and external level. Along those lines, ISO 9001 accredits OW’s accomplishment to satisfy the stakeholders’ needs and expectations, with the highest levels of quality in its services.

Many thanks to each one of you for contributing to this achievement. Your emphasis on safety, quality, and environmental concerns has truly had a significant impact!

Find HERE our current ISO certificates.

Do not hesitate to contact HSSEQ Department for more information!




We have developed a new claim that better reflects Ocean Winds’ commitment to both meeting current energy needs and fostering sustainable progress for the future: ‘POWering Today, EmpOWering TomorrOW’.

‘Powering Today’ emphasizes the immediate impact and significance of Ocean Winds’ offshore wind projects. By already producing energy through three different offshore wind projects, OW is actively contributing to the current energy landscape. It symbolizes OW’s role in providing clean, renewable energy solutions that are operational and actively meeting energy demands.

As a leader in the field, OW draws upon its extensive experience and expertise as operators. With a track record built on years of investment and commitment to offshore wind, OW is actively contributing to the current energy landscape by producing energy through three different offshore wind projects. This underscores their role in providing clean, renewable energy solutions that are not only operational but also driven by a wealth of accumulated knowledge, data, and best practices in offshore wind. This experience allows OW to power more efficiently and sustainably, meeting energy demands while adhering to the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

‘Empowering Tomorrow’ speaks to OW’s forward-looking approach. While we are currently powering today’s needs, we are also actively involved in constructing four more projects and developing eight additional ones – while looking at new markets for expansion. This reflects our commitment to future growth and expansion in renewable energy infrastructure.

Despite the industry challenges that may arise at specific moments, OW remains determined in the long-term objective of providing low-carbon energy. By investing in both new projects, as well as innovations, OW aims to empower future generations with sustainable and efficient renewable energy solutions.

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